College Students

Group of friends in LondonSo there you are. studying abroad. It’s fun and exciting! You’re making new friends, getting out and exploring everything. Totally confident and comfortable in your new surroundings! Or, maybe you’re not!

Everything is so new and different. You don’t know what to expect, what to say and how to act. You’re more comfortable staying in your room with a book or talking to your friends back home. You don’t understand since you are usually very confident and outgoing.

It’s totally understandable. You are out of your comfort zone. You are away from friends and family, possibly for the first time ever. You don’t want to call your parents. You don’t want to worry them. They might not understand what you are going through anyway. They’ve paid a lot of money for this experience and they were just as excited as you were. You don’t want to disappoint or worry them. Everything around you is different. It can be overwhelming and even a little scary. You might be embarrassed and even iStock_000036184320_Mediumdisappointed. You don’t want to fail. You want to have fun, enjoy this adventure and thrive. Don’t worry. I can help.

I will work with you to rebuild your confidence and help you deal with the day to day issues you’re facing in your new environment. Coaching can help you make the best of your stay and get you the most out of your experience abroad!

Actors, atheletes, executives and even politicians use coaches to be their very best when it’s important. You can too! I want you to have the most rewarding experience during your time abroad so that you can make memories that will last forever.

Who does coaching help?

Students feeling: overwhelmed, confused, anxious, lonely, homesick, disappointed, frightened, angry, shy, sad, uncomfortable or even bored.

Students who just want to make sure that they maximize their cultural experience and have fun!

Students who want to take this time to grow and work on personal development. Being overseas is a great time to get to know who you are, learn what you really want and make plans for your future.

Pretty young female tourist studying a map at St. Peter's squareHow does coaching help?

I work with you to explore and overcome any feelings that are holding you back. I encourage you, push you a little and even challenge you as long as you are comfortable with that. Each session is guided by you so you get to talk about whatever you want to talk about.

My job is to help you understand what’s going on and to help you overcome any obstacles you are facing. I will be your support system and cheerleader. I want you to have the best time ever while doing well in school and making everlasting memories. I’m on your side. I get it! You deserve the best experience possible and you can have it!

I also help with time management, planning, decision making and anything else that will help you optimize your time overseas. Having someone to talk to that will help you get clarity by asking the right questions and having someone who will hold you accountable can be invaluable to help you maximize your experience and grow as a person!