How Coaching Helps

iStock_000017139591_MediumWhat is coaching?

Coaching is not therapy. Therapy takes dysfunctional to functional. While coaching takes functional to optimal! Coaches help people get clarity and help people explore what’s stopping them from getting what they want. Sometimes it even helps them explore what they really want, if they aren’t really sure.

Coaches help people get what they want by challenging them, supporting them and holding them accountable. Coaches are motivators, support systems and cheerleaders. Coaches don’t have the answers. The client does. Our tools and expertise, however, enable the client to get what they want by powerful questioning, setting goals and by being supported along the way.

Teams, athletes, actors, executives, small business owners and politicians all have coaches for a reason. They want to be the best they can be. They want to be at their peak level of performance when it really counts!

Coaching is powerful! Coaching is life changing! Coaching works!

*All coaching sessions are conducted via Skype or the telephone to make it easy, comfortable and private.