Breakthrough to You! Program


The Breakthrough to You! Program was designed to help students determine (create a vision of) how they want to live their lives. It’s perfect for kids using the Latitude Learners System as it will help them learn more about themselves, their strengths and interests. Please be aware that if you are enrolled in the Kick Start for Kids program that this is an abbreviated version of exactly that.

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The Breakthrough to You! Program has been designed to help you discover more about yourself, including your strengths, interests and ideal life. There are seven parts of the program. Each step of the program is preceded and followed by a video to help you work through the program. The following are the seven parts of the program:

  • Values Assessment
  • Talents and Interests
  • Self-Awareness Exercise
  • Clifton Strengths
  • Habits Review
  • Ideal Life Worksheet
  • How to Set and Achieve Goals

*Please note that this program is part of the Kick Start for Kids coaching program. Also, some of these tools are sold individually.
**Recommended for kids 12 and up.