Latitude Cards (90 count)


The Latitude Cards are beautiful topic cards that allow you to create a learning experience that is tailor to your child’s strengths and interests. There are 90 cards in this set. They include typical topics as well as coaching and special cards. The Latitude Learners System empowers your child by allowing him/her to design a learning experience that suits them. They will feel good about being in charge of their learning and will develop decision making abilities, learn to set goals and manage their time. All skills that will serve them in their future. Most importantly the system will help their confidence soar and establish a lifelong love of learning. Please see the Latitude Learners website at for complete directions which are available in video and written form.


The Latitude Cards are an integral part of the Latitude Learners System. The cards allow you and your children to create a flexible curriculum tailored to your child’s specific strengths and interests. The cards can be used year after year so you only need to purchase them once. We do recommend however, that each child has their own set. Latitude Cards 54 are available for younger children at a lower cost.