Success Stories

Thank you so much for helping my daughter when she was having such a difficult time in a new school. Ana came home crying unconsolably every day. It broke my heart to see her that way. She was not accepted by the other kids in her new class. They made fun of her and were very rude to her. She felt lonely and scared. It was hard for her to go to school every day and she wanted to go to another school which was really impossible.

I’m not sure what you talked about with her but after one session with you she totally changed her mind. She made the decision to stay where she was! Now she is so confident and self aware. She is happy and seems to feel very powerful! I can hear her singing in her room the way she used to. I love her new found confidence, strength and courage and I will be forever grateful to you!

Aneta, Macedonia


I had started studying for a degree in teaching because that’s what most of my friends and family suggested I do. I wasn’t really sure that that was what I wanted but I couldn’t really make a decision about what to major in so I went along with that. After you coached me I started to become clearer on what I was interested in and wanted to do. Now I’m enrolled in Human Resource Management and I really love it! Thank you for giving me the courage to do what I want and for helping me find out what it is I wanted!

Mary, 19, Michigan


When I first started my sessions with you, I was very overwhelmed in so many areas of my life that I didn’t know where to start. I was very anxious and was dealing with so many negative things; I felt stuck. You helped me put everything into perspective and decide which things to take care of first. Our weekly sessions made me accountable to tackle the problems once and for all. I started moving forward and

I started reaching my objectives faster than going at it alone. It was extremely helpful to have all your encouragement and support. I truly appreciate it and felt listened to and understood. In addition, through talking to you, I was able to identify and accept a solution that was right in front of me all along. I feel so much relief and I’m excited for the future once again. Thank you Candice!

Christina, Florida


I was terrified of speaking in public but had to do so in order to pass all my classes. I was given a topic that wasn’t at all interesting to me and had no idea how to handle it. After talking with you and learning how to research, present and make my presentation fun and interesting I was actually excited to give my presentation. I never thought that I couldn’t be afraid but I was really excited and got an A!

Jessica, Michigan


In my country I was a very confident and outstanding student. When I started university in America I felt like I was falling behind, not quite good enough and I felt like I wasn’t as good as the other students. It was very confusing to me because I always had very high standards for myself and had always done well in school. Your coaching made me realize what was going on and that I was being really hard on myself. You made me realize all that I had accomplished and what I should be very proud about. I now know that this is just temporary and that I will soon be back to my high standards once again.

Maria, Texas (from Russia)


Having a rational, experienced, and encouraging leader by my side to give me guidance has been absolutely invaluable! Anytime I have been unsure of what to do in a personal or professional scenario, confused about life choices, or just needed some help making a big decision, Candice has been there to help me work my way through it! I do not know where I would be without her and I highly recommend her services to other young people striving for anything from survival to great success. She is a great aid and resource for anyone!!

Please don’t underestimate this service. She is a tremendous resource and I’m so fortunate to have had her as a role model and leader in college and at the start of professional career!!

Thank you, Candice!

Erica H., Michigan


She really helped me with getting over my shyness and meeting new friends in my new school. I was very unhappy but with the help of Candice , I became a new person. She’s a great coach!!!

Ana Marija, 16


Candice has provided me with great personal and professional guidance; I have not found a more supportive, encouraging, or knowledgeable coach to lead me to achieve so many goals, as well as personal and professional growth! I am a more confident leader, worker, and student thanks to her! She offers such great service and is such a wonderful resource to have in any situation.
Thanks for all of your help Candice!

Jordan C., 24, Texas


Candice helped me when I couldn’t figure out where my future was going. If you are a high school student or parent of one, I suggest working with Candice. She helped me to gain self-confidence. She also helped with personal problems I had going on by coaching me through them.

Danyell, 21


Working with Candice, I am able to understand why some of the decisions/relationships in my past were so connected to my values and who I am. This has helped me understand myself and made me comfortable and confident with who I am. More importantly, I am able to understand other people better, drop the guilt, and communicate with people more effectively. Over all, I feel like I’ve grown as a person and feel confident in my ability to handle anything that comes my way.

Angie T., Michigan


Loved working with Candice! She’s a great listener, very empathetic, and has an immense ability to have you reach your aha! moments. If you are dealing with problems of feeling lost, anxious, or if something is holding you back, she will do an amazing job of helping you analyze what is important FOR YOU in your life.
What used to overwhelming problems will now be plans. Plans with priorities to help you move forward. You will feel motivated, and you will love the feeling of everything you will be accomplishing. Thank you Candice for invigorating my life again!

Ili S., Florida


There are so many amazing things that I can say about Candice as a person and as a life coach! Candice is absolutely amazing at what she does. I can genuinely tell you that if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am career-wise and I wouldn’t be mentally prepared to take on a new career. I was never that person that could read an inspirational book and at the end of the book say “wow I am changed “. After talking with Candice though I always felt that I understood who I was and who I wanted to be a lot better. I want to tell you guys a little bit of a back story because I feel so strongly that everyone should know the Candice that I know. I didn’t meet her by inquiring life coaching Services. I have actually been working for Candice for about 2 years helping around her house here and there.
Guys, I can honestly tell you her whole family is so kind, helpful, and so respectful. Her kids are the smartest and kindest kids have ever met, which to me says a lot on how they have been raised. Candice had no obligation to help me or talk with me. I was paid to be there for a couple of hours and leave. She saw a lot more in me than I did in myself. She wanted to help me do more with my life. Candice helped me believe in myself again. I started feeling my confidence coming back, and wanting to do more. She helped me just out of the goodness of her heart. She knows what to say, she knows what to do, and she knows what questions to ask to really make you think differently about the areas that you are struggling with. I look up to Candice so much because I owe so much of my recent success to her. Also, I owe a lot of my newfound strength and confidence to her as well. For someone to help you so selflessly on their own busy schedule without any other intentions besides wanting to genuinely help you succeed is the most amazing life experience that I have ever had. I would recommend Candice to everyone I know. She is an amazing person who I want to thank from the bottom of my heart. I know that anyone heading her way will become successful at anything they try. Thank you Candice for everything I owe so much to you.

Romina D.,