Exchange Students


Pretty touristWhat an adventure! High school abroad! New things to see, people to meet, stuff to do. A new school!

What if it’s not exactly what you expected? What if you really want to have a great time but you aren’t really comfortable in your new country? Or, with your host family? You might spend more time hiding in your room, where you feel safe, than you’d like to. Or, you might be turning down opportunities for fun because you don’t know what to expect, how to act or what to say.

What if there’s too much attention, or not enough, placed on you? What if the school experience isn’t what you expected. You don’t like the teachers, the routine or you don’t feel like you fit in?

You deserve to have a wonderful time while on this learning adventure. Let’s work together to make that happen! Coaching can help you make decisions. It can help you get out of your room, be more adventurous and comfortable in your new home and school.

Who can coaching help?

Students who are homesick, lonely, not fitting in, intimidated, feeling isolated, insecure, nervous, anxious, sad, confused, angry, disappointed, frustrated and more.

How can coaching help?

We will talk about what’s going on and possibly look at different options or ways of looking at things. Sometimes we might involve members of the host families if you decide it’s necessary and if they are willing. We will find out exactly what you want out of your experience with your host family and explore ways to make that happen if those goals are realistic and achievable.